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Getting Started with the Google Toolbar API

It's easy for any webmaster to create a useful custom button for the Google Toolbar. This example shows how the webmaster for Slashdot would create a custom button.

Create a simple button using the Toolbar

  1. Install the Google Toolbar
  2. Go to
  3. Right click on the search box at the bottom of the page and select "Generate Custom Search..." from the menu that appears

    Custom Search

  4. Click on "Add" and then "OK" in the Custom Button installation dialogs
  5. Congratulations! You've created a custom button for Slashdot on your Toolbar.

    Custom Button

Add an RSS feed to your custom button

Slashdot has an RSS feed at Say you want your custom button to display this feed in a menu, refreshing it every hour.

  1. Open the Slashdot custom button with the Custom Button Editor. Click on the Settings button, select Options, click on the Buttons tab, select the Slashdot button, click on the Edit button, then click on "Use the advanced editor"
  2. Add the following line between the <button> and </button> tags:
    <feed refresh-interval="3800"></feed>
    Advanced Editor

  3. Save the Custom Button by clicking on "Save to Google Toolbar…"
  4. You should be able to see your feed in a drop-down menu just right of the Slashdot icon.

    Demo Feed

Tell people about your custom button

  1. Host your custom button on your website. For example, put it on:

    http://www.<my domain>.com/slashdot_button.xml

    The download URL you use to host the XML file for the button is fairly important, because that URL becomes the button's unique ID for updating the button.

  2. Link to the custom button on your website. You can create a special link that will enable people to install your custom button in their Google Toolbar just by clicking on it. Create a link on your website called "Add a Slashdot button to my Google Toolbar" and link it to this URL:<my domain>.com/slashdot_button.xml

  3. Submit your button to Google's Button Gallery by filling out a simple form. Be sure to test your button and read our Editorial Guidelines first.

Become a custom button master

Now that you've learned the basics of custom button making, read our full documentation to learn how you can make more advanced buttons.

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