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Editorial Guidelines
Button Functionality and Appearance

Editorial Guidelines

Description and Title of the Button/website in the Button Gallery and the Tooltip displayed when the user hovers over the Button should use clear, direct language and avoid gimmicks:

Keep It Simple
  • No gimmicky language, such as unnecessary superlatives (e.g. "best", "lowest", or "#1").
Use Standard Punctuation
  • No repeated and unnecessary punctuation or symbols.
  • May only contain one exclamation point.

Use Standard Capitalization

  • No excessive capitalization such as "FREE"

Use Correct Spelling

  • Check that you use correct spelling.

Use Proper Grammar

  • Your Description and Tooltip must be in logical sentence or phrase form and must contain grammatically correct spacing.
  • The use of symbols, numbers, or letters must adhere to the true meaning of the symbol.

Keep It Concise

  • Titles are limited to 30 characters.
  • Descriptions are limited to 100 characters each.
  • Tooltips are limited to 30 characters

Accurate Descriptions/Titles

  • Your Description, Title, and Tooltip must directly relate to the content of the landing page.
  • Your Tooltip cannot use generic call-to-action phrases such as "Click here" or "Visit this site" without additional descriptive information. For example, "Click here to visit" would be acceptable.

No Inappropriate Language

  • Your Description, Title, and Tooltip cannot contain offensive or inappropriate language.

Button Functionality and Appearance

Button Must Be More Than A Bookmark

  • Your button must be more than just a link to a static page on a website. Buttons must include additional functionality such as search, a feed, or providing information relevant to the current web page.

No Duplicates

  • Your button should not have the same functionality as any button already in the Gallery unless you are submitting a button for a site you own.
  • If we receive multiple buttons for a site that are functionally identical to each other, the button authored by the site owner will be displayed in the Gallery.

Destination URL Must Work

  • The Destination URL of your Button must work properly.
  • Your Button must link to a working website. You cannot link to an email address or a file (ex. An image, audio, video, or document file that requires an additional program or application to open or run).

No Pop-Ups

  • We do not allow Buttons that link to landing pages that generate pop-ups when users enter or leave the landing page. We consider a pop-up to be any window, regardless of content, that opens in addition to the original window.
  • Destination URLs cannot trigger viruses or drive-by downloads

No Spam

  • Your button and/or the sites they link to should not promote products whose purpose is unsolicited spam, including email lists that are not opt-in, bulk email software, and bulk messaging.


  • Your Button URL cannot contain any affiliate or referral identification codes.

Button Icon

  • Your Button must have an icon.
  • Your Button icon cannot be adult or violent in nature.
  • Your Button icon cannot comprise or contain a trademark or copyright you don't have rights to.

Content Policy

As described in the Terms and Conditions, we may decline to include and display content that violates our program guidelines by displaying or linking to:

  • Illegal content
  • Invasions of personal privacy
  • Pornography or obscenity
  • Content that interferes with the functioning of the homepage
  • Promotions of hate or incitement of violence
  • Violations of copyright

Please see our DMCA policy for more information.

These policies may be revised from time to time without notice.